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January 12, 2010

Class Review--Hypnobirthing at Becoming Maternity

Baby Class Review

Class Name: Hypnobirthing

Date Attended: Jan. 2009

Location of Class: Becoming Maternity

Guest Blogger Name: Anonymous

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My husband was the one that first suggested trying hynobirthing. I was up for it, as I wanted to have as natural and as safe a birth as possible. There were 5 couples in the course when we started, but only 3 couples finished it. I ran into one of the ladies that dropped out, at Salsa Babies 9 months later (with her beautiful daughter in tow) and she said they found a different hynobirthing instructor and she said she had an amazing home birth. I myself, had 30 hours of labour and then a c-section. Now, I’m not blaming it on the instructor at all – however, I wish I had enjoyed the course more. It was more of a lecture style and I don’t remember ever getting out of our chairs to try anything. I will be trying a natural birth again, if my doctor deems it is safe, but I will be researching my hynobirthing instructors before and looking for references.


  1. The topic sounds interesting--I wonder if Becoming has changed their instructor?

  2. I'm adding on to my review a little bit...
    I'm sure if I'd let Becoming know that the class hadn't been what I'd hoped it to be, they would have done something about it. I should have let them know at the time.

  3. We did change instructors right after that January class. We have had our new instructor for about 11 months now and have had really good feedback. I wish I would have known you were unhappy at the time so we could have done soemthing while the class was going on. Currently, the course is not at all lecture style and there is a lot of time to practice and move around.

  4. Great News!
    Today I was out with a friend who is due in May and was telling her about Hypnobirthing.

    thanks for the feedback!

  5. And to add to that... I wish I had taken the hypnobirthing class as I didn't plan on going natural but I ended up having to do it without drugs...and I am sure if I would have had these techniques it would have helped. If I have a second... :)

  6. Yes - I wish I'd said something at the time. I'm embaressed that I didn't. I've been happy with every other experience I've had a Becoming since, so I will be checking into hypnobirthing there again next time...