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January 26, 2012

Book review: Supernanny How to get the best from your children

AUTHOR: JO FROST (yes, the Supernanny herself)

If you have ever seen the show "supernanny" then this book is like the companion piece to go along with it.

It is short and sweet and doesn't go into much detail but it's concise and has some great advice. This is a very basic and "short-version" type book. (Her next book "ask Supernanny" has a lot more detail).

Some of the information isn't quite in line with some of the experts but the behaviour stuff is really good and quite easy to follow. (for instance her take on sleep training and controlled crying is a little different than Ferber or the no-cry sleep solution or even the baby whisperer). some of the information on feeding doesn't quite follow what we typically do in Canada either but overall, it's good information.

Now here is the magic with this book--it's short and easy to read and colourful and pretty... and I don't know... maybe it's because she is a recognizable face---but my husband actually picked it up and read some of it!!!

This is a basic book on some key parenting issues. It's a quick read and an easy reference. I thought it was pretty good, especially used along with watching some clips from the show. A great one to pick up from the library when you are in need for a quick solution to common parenting issues.

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