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December 6, 2011

Perfect Mommy Massage at Zen Beginnings!

What a great idea--while you get a massage by a Registered Massage Therapist--the staff at Zen Beginnings provides CHILDCARE! AMAZING! And the best part? The cost of childcare is INCLUDED in the price!

I spoke with the owner of Zen Beginnings and she explained that she sees it as an essential service to offer moms so that moms can take care of themselves. I love this philosophy! No more scheduling issues or stressing out about your little ones while you are trying to relax.

The massage therapist is very personable and talks to you before the massage to get a feel for what you want. Today I chose to have a lot of work done--so it was a pretty intense massage--I needed some serious work done to my sore nursing shoulders. You can tell her where you would like the focus or if you just want to relax, so that's nice. She also lets you set the mood--like do you want spa sounds or music with lyrics?

The massage therapist will also provide you with some things to try at home if you want it. When I was pregnant, she gave me some stretches to do and this time she explained how I should lie with a blanket wrapped under my back to help relieve some of the pressure on my shoulders.

It's hard to turn off your mommy ear and not try to hear for your little ones but they are well taken care of. For older kids there are arts and crafts activities. For all kids there are toys for all ages and books.

Let them know before you book and they will arrange the childcare professional for you.

This is a great service that I just had to rave about!

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  1. that is a fabulous idea! I was just thinking a couple of weeks ago when I went to get my haircut how amazing it would be if there was a place that would watch my child while I get a haircut or a spa treatment, how fantastic that you found such a place for a massage! I will definitely check it out, thanks!

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