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November 22, 2011

Mommy and Baby Fitness

Jenn sent me this review--thanks Jenn it's great!

Mommy and Baby Fitness
Location: Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada (Eglinton and Bayview)

I took my first Mommy and Baby Fitness class today. The verdict? Amazing!

After working out post pregnancy to dvd’s, which can be paused to tend to a fussing baby, I entered this class wondering if I’d actually get to exercise having my 5 month old daughter on a mat right beside me. The answer in a word...”ouch”! Workout I did. My tired legs and arms tonight are the proof!

The instructor, Laura, was terrific. She created a relaxing atmosphere while simultaneously encouraging you to push yourself.

The warm-up got us moms going and it incorporated the babies. They all seemed to love being included in the squats and lifts!

The middle portion is all about mom, doing cardio and strength training.

Laura ends the workout with some leg and ab work, incorporating the babies once again.

The unique piece about this class is that once the workout is complete, there is circle time for the babies! Laura went around to each of the babies incorporating their names into a song (she knew EVERY babies name by heart) and then led some more circle time songs with actions.

If you are looking for a fun way to get into shape with your baby close by, you should try this class out!

If the gym isn’t your thing, Mommy and Baby Fitness also offers other fitness options in various parks around the city (stroller fitness, mommy bootcamps, and snow shoeing to name a few). To find out more about these classes and locations check out their website.


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