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November 14, 2011

Class Review--Power Struggles Workshop at Zen Beginnings

Dates: Saturday Nov. 5 and 12th 2-4pm (2 class workshop)
location: Zen Beginnings

This is a combination review--where 4 people put in their thoughts to make a full review:

I enjoyed the first class but, while in the session, I had been hoping that there was a bit more structure. However, once I got home I kept telling my husband things we discussed and realized how helpful this workshop could be. I thought the instructor mentioned some good things, but the time went way too quickly and I felt there was not as much substance to it as I would have liked. But then...

She told us to try one or two things and really work on it during the week and come back with situations that we could discuss. This is where the workshop really hit the mark. We came back enthused with our successes from her tips the week before and expressed the challenges we were facing. She gave us tools to use and helped us work through the times when we were not being effective. Having a two part workshop is such a great idea. It gave us the chance to try out techniques and then come back and discuss and build on the knowledge.

I really enjoyed the classes and definitely got a lot out of it. My husband and I keep stopping ourselves now when we say "That's great." or "Wow!" or whatever. The instructor was very good. I'm proud of myself after the taking the class-- I only used "don't " 8 times as opposed to 20!!!!!!! So that said, I wouldn't mind taking more classes in the new year:)

Parenting workshops are a great way to get you inspired to be a better parent and can give you tools to deal with the everyday craziness. It also helps to discuss with other parents what they do that is effective.

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