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October 21, 2011

Friday faves: LULA CLIPS

I was introduced to these "handy" little clips yesterday.

This is how they work:

You attach them to the side of a car seat (any size carseat).
There is a strong magnet in the little hands so you can place the car seat buckle on the little hands so the car seat straps stay out of the way and make getting in and out of the car seat so much easier.

check out the clip on their website to see how to use them:

Why I love these:

At first I was a little skeptical...I mean how could this little gadget make my life easier??? Well...they do work...and they work really well. Putting my little ones in their carseats is easier with these things--it prevents that whole reaching behind them and yanking the straps out and it also prevents the straps from twisting.

You can transfer them to different carseats as your child grows out of the seats so you only need one set per child.

They retail for about $15.00.


  1. Where did you buy them?

  2. Becoming.
    Many other stores are starting to sell them as well.

  3. I just got them a Little Nibblets, you can also order them from Amazon.......great product!