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September 30, 2011

Book Review: You Make the Difference In Helping Your Child Learn

Title: You Make the Difference In helping Your Child Learn
Author: Ayala Manolson, Barb Ward and Nancy Dodington

This is a book that is a very, very quick read. It's illustrated and short and to the point.
It introduces the 3A way which is:
ALLOW your child to lead
ADAPT to share the moment
ADD new experiences and words

It also reminds us to OWL
Observe what your child is interested in and feeling
Wait to see what your child will do
Listen to your child and hear what he is trying to tell you

This book reminds us how to play with our children and different ways to introduce new words to their vocabulary. It reminds parents to listen and follow the child's lead.

It's short and sweet and leaves you with a feel good feeling. Your play time with your child will be enhanced right after you read this book.

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