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August 3, 2011

What to do with two???

I was faced with a week of being alone during the day with my two year old son and my newborn baby. I know lots of moms do it (kudos to all of you!) and that moms have been doing it forever (again, kudos) but I have been very lucky over the last 6 weeks by having my son in childcare while I nurse and bond with my baby.

Here's the thing: IT'S HARD WORK to have the two of them at home! Trying to entertain my toddler while nursing the little one can be quite a feat! And they can't seem to nap at the same time!

Here are some things I have tried to do with Mr. Two when I am alone with the two:

-colouring activities
- TV watching (yes, I realize the tv is then babysitting my child but sometimes I am fine with this) I PVR one show and let him watch that so that our tv watching doesn't become a lengthy activity and this way as well, I am controlling what we watch and how long.
-special toys to play with when mommy is nursing. This week it was a toy garage with cars!
-reading books to him--but that can get old.
-snack time!

Here are things to do with the two of them together:
-walks in the stroller (stopping at parks or other places might be hard at this point if you have a toddler who runs) or special outings--zoo, museum, nature walk...coffee shop...
-Walks with the newborn in a carrier--this way I can run after the toddler!
-TUMMY TIME! or FLOOR TIME!! while the new little one practices a skill, do yoga or some kind of activity on the floor with the toddler. Everyone can exercise together!

There are lots of things to do as you get used to the two but start small...my confidence builds with each new activity I do. Here's the best thing: after each new activity you do, you feel a real sense of accomplishment (we went walmart without a meltdown--WOW!)

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  1. Sounds like you managed really well! I imagine it was very challenging since I just have trouble keeping my 2 year old busy!