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August 17, 2011

Class Review--Mom and baby yoga at the yoga sanctuary

My friend Jen sent this to me...thanks Jen!

Mom and Baby Yoga at The Yoga Sanctuary on the Danforth

I'm a new mom and this is my first mom and baby yoga experience. They might all be like this so I'll do my best to deliver an honest review and try not to be too critical.

The studio is on the 4th floor of a non-elevator low-rise building, which is inconvenient if you tend to travel by stroller. They "allow" the participants to lock their stroller against the stairwell railing on the main floor but I've only ever seen 1-2 moms do this. The stairs are also fairly steep so you have to really be careful when you're carrying your bundle of joy up and down the stairs. You need to bring your own mat but I think you can rent one from the studio if you don't have one. The cost for the class was $100 + tax for 8 classes.

The instructor for our class is really nice and is very gentle with the babies. She often will hold your baby if your baby is fussing so that the mom can do the yoga. Because she does this, however, she isn't always able to demonstrate the moves. You should really have some yoga basics before joining this class. She has never come up to a mom to help reposition or assist during a move (which I personally like). She will incorporate some moves so that you can interact with your baby and use your baby as weight. As an added bonus, she also used to be an actress on the original Degrassi television show. I didn't watch it much when I was a kid so I don't know what character she played but my friends googled her and confirmed that she was on the show.

I joined this class originally because I had 3 other girlfriends who also signed up for it. It was reasonably priced and it was something to do to get me out of the house. My daughter was 6 weeks old when we first started. Would I sign up again? No. While the class is designed for the moms to do the yoga, there's not enough yoga for me to do it again. I just haven't gotten much out of it other than a chance for me and my 3 girlfriends to get together. Now that my daughter is older, I would rather have someone watch her for an hour while I go do a more intensive yoga class without babies.

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