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August 22, 2011

All for Fun

I received this from Jessica's mom. Thanks!!!

I wanted to tell you about a great indoor playground we went to this morning. I know you are always looking for places to go. The best part is that they are open on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 9am-12pm - it is often hard to find good places that are open on weekend mornings!

Here is the website: http://www.allforfun.ca/contact.html

It is $8 for kids, babies under 1 are free I believe. For August it is only $4 per child.

They have a very large space with tons of stuff for kids to do. They also have a small area for babies with a bouncy seat, gym mat, and some exersaucers.
The only downside is that you cannot bring in your own food for snacks because of allergy concerns. However, they do sell kid-friendly snacks for very reasonable prices. (We bought Jessica a box of raisins for 25 cents). You can bring in drinks, and they have an area to eat with tables and chairs as well as highchairs.

They have an amazing climber with slides and tunnels (almost like a maze), They have a huge play-kitchen, a dress-up area, a puzzle tabl, huge foam building blocks, ride-on toys, a little car that goes down a hill, a puppet show area and the best part was a big jumpy castle!

The women told me to check the calendar for dates they are closed, as occasionally they do close for parties or holidays.

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