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June 18, 2011

father's day

Father's day has always been strange. My dad was always so hard to buy for and now I am facing the same thing with my husband. I am very happy to say that both my dad and my husband are awesome dads... but then that complicates things because you want to make the day special for them and really, they don't make that easy!

For the past 2 years, I have been consistent with father's day gifts--BEER and a nice dessert of his fave cupcakes...but now that our son is 2 and is a lot of fun, I would like to incorporate him in the festivities.

So my son woke up my husband (we let him sleep in a bit...) and we had a Tim Horton's breakfast ready for him (not ambitious enough yet to actually make a big breakfast) and then had him open his gifts (2 books from the little guy, some specialty beer and cupcakes) and then we took off for the zoo.

Zoo is a timed activity with a 2 year old. You don't want to spend too much time there or else they will meltdown. So we did 2.5 hours there (arrive early, before it gets busy) and then we got home for naptime. Worked out well. A nice outdoor activity.

The afternoon will be more outdoor fun with some of my husband's friends.

So did I get Father's Day right? I think so. Today is a nice balance of being able to say how much I appreciate him (beer!!!) and having him spend some quality time with his toddler--without having him do too much work. And the best part of the activities we chose? They are outdoor--which means the toddler will hopefully sleep well tonight... so maybe we can have a nice quiet "adult" meal tonight too!


  1. Wondering if the meal ever happened?
    Giving birth to your son, was a great father's Day gift too! :)