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April 18, 2011


A colleague of mine came into work today with a cute portrait of her daughter with an Easter border. It was awesome and she got it for free from Blacks!!!

Here's the deal:

Here are the details:
Starting Friday, April 15, and continuing right through until Easter, we’re shooting FREE Easter Portraits. Yes, you heard right — FREE Easter Portraits! No strings attached. Just bring your little ones to any Black’s location and we’ll shoot a portrait on the spot, and then print it out for you in one of our big, beautiful 6×8 Easter borders that you see here. Adults, don’t worry, we’ll let you get in on the fun too.
Want to dress up in your bunny ears? Sure! Easter bonnet? Why not! Got an easter basket you want to use as a prop? Go for it. It’s your photo, so have fun with it!

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