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February 1, 2011

Double Delicious

Title: Double Delicious
Author: Jessica Seinfeld

I love this cookbook. I highly recommend that you either buy it or borrow it from the library to get a taste for some of the recipes.

The whole concept is that Jessica Seinfeld makes tasty, healthy recipes that the whole family will enjoy. Some of the recipes are sneaky and hide vegetables in something that kids love (macaroni and cheese with sweet potato hidden in it) and other recipes are just plain good with nothing deceptive about it. The whole concept of hiding vegetables in a meal can be debated if you want (kids won't develop a liking for them etc...) but you know what? I love the idea that my kid is getting what he needs. And yes, I do make sure to introduce vegetables in non-hidden ways as well. As long as you don't always hide the veggies I really don't see the harm.

My husband has really loved the recipes from this book as well. They are easy to make but taste great. My husband also likes to "guess" what it's the meal when he sees that I used this cookbook!

I haven't made any of the desserts, so I can't comment on them.

Try out some of the recipes and enjoy!


  1. Kelly has made the brownies (with spinach) and the chocolate chip cookies (with chickpeas). I've tasted both and cannot taste the spinach or the chickpeas. Genius!!!

  2. The butternut squash tomato soup is amazing.