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September 27, 2010

Quick Room Make-over

I have an aversion to colour on my walls. My house is a bunch of beiges and greys and whites... I know that it's boring, but I can't help it. When I was choosing the paint colour for my nursery I went with a wonderful beige called ZEN. It's soothing and gender neutral and I loved the way it looked with the dark furniture--very clean. I had nice pictures up to add a touch of colour and to go with the theme. I loved that nursery. Then my son got busy... and liked to reach up on his change table and grab at the picture I had hanging on the wall... so those came down. The mobile was also becoming dangerous, so down it came. A few pics remained on the wall but overall, the room was a beige nursery with not much going on. My mom who loved my initial nursery recently commented that it "wasn't very stimulating".

I wasn't going to paint so I started to look for adhesive wall decals that would go with the decor to spice things up. It was hard to find something that I really liked and a lot of the nice ones were quite costly on the internet.

Went to Winners. They had a great selection of wall decals that you can stick then un-stick. They weren't nearly as expensive as the ones on-line and I found some that I really liked. In 10 minutes, the room had a more fun look. My son kept reaching for the decals but that's fine because they stay on the wall. I even had the opportunity to rearrange the ones that I didn't place just so. Great invention.

These would be particularly wonderful for playrooms and bathrooms (add a little fun) and of course nurseries converting into kids rooms (no paint but a whole new decor).

So much better than the days of borders since these are easy to apply and easy to take down! Now I can add some colour without permanently changing the neutral palate I so love.


  1. I love those decals!!! I was not looking forward to installing borders in the nursery but then i found these decals and they are fantastic. As Roe noted, it is so easy to change the complete decor of a room by just switching decals. I got mine a couple of years ago and they were hard to come by and expensive but as Roe mentioned, they are now available at Winners and such places (I think michael's has them as well, totally worth it when you have a coupon) and so much more affordable.
    My LO is almost two and I can't wait to change his decor... maybe in a year or so!
    They also have some great wall deco for the rest of the house which is great when you are contemplating something bold but don't want to commit. I've even seen holiday based ones which are reusable year after year, great for Christmas, Halloween and Easter

  2. Thanks Belle! Your little one's nursery is great.