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September 3, 2010

Friday Faves: Places to go with a 1-2 year old

My friend Jen recently asked people where she should take her 15 month old daughter. What is your fave spot to take an under-two-year old child? Or a good activity to do? Help a mom and please share!


  1. Thanks for this post!

    We are going to try the Science Centre this weekend with our 15 month old. I will report back =)

  2. Go to parks and let your infant go and explore. Let them slide on their own and climb stairs and walk around. It tires them out and they love it. Also, and I know Roe loves doing this-take them swimming. Again, tires them out.

  3. library programs, community centres, museums, these are all things that will get you through the times when the weather changes and don't forget your local gymoboree or indoor play area.

  4. Great comments everyone. My little guy right now is into parks and splash pads. As the weather cools, I am hoping to still take him to parks and maybe some nice nature hikes in my carrier. Going on bike rides is also a pleaser too. I have even just taken him to the library when no programs are running and just let him play in the kids area--which he loves doing.