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September 17, 2010

FRIDAY FAVES: Family Restaurant

I was out with my friends Jen and Dayle tonight and Dayle mentioned that the pub we were at is actually extremely family friendly and at around 5-6pm has strollers lined up outside! The restaurant was great food and serves alcohol (two important things when you are venturing out for a family meal in my opinion).

So what is your favourite family friendly restaurant that isn't really a Kid's restaurant?


  1. in ottawa- THE WORKS is fantastic. lots of atmosphere for the kids to look at, great food for everyone, and just loud enough that if the baby is crying people aren't really going to notice!

  2. Jerusalem on Eglinton--I know you love it too Roe! Lots of kids and families and the food is good for everyone.

  3. So true. I do love Jerusalem. I will have to try the works next time I am in Ottawa.