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August 15, 2010

Karen Katz Books at Costco

I know that many of you are also fans of Karen Katz books (actually I should correct myself our BABIES are fans of Karen Katz books). Costco has "baby's colors" and "baby's shapes" in a two pack for under $10. Pretty good deal considering on the back it lists the price as $7.99 CAN each. These books bring the term "board book" to a whole new level. The pages are extremely durable and very heavy--looks like they are built to withstand even the most determined child.

Also at Costco:


Carter's Fleece PJ's (as my friend Bernie says--the fleece pj's come out at odd times of the year but when they are there get them and guess what size your child will be in the winter) These are 8.99 and have a zipper. Up to size 4T. Typically the Pekkle brand will also have some fleece PJ's out soon as well and they are usually 7.99.

Carter's Play Outfit (2 piece--pants and a long sleeve onesie in cute patterns). Up to size 24 months. $7.99. My husband loves to put this sort of thing on my little one for the weekend because it doesn't require thinking--it matches and it's easy to put on our little guy. Also a great outfit to keep at daycare as a change of clothes. Also makes a great gift.

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