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July 26, 2010

Mabels Labels and Ziploc

For those who love Mabel's Labels (my friend Belle is a HUGE fan) and who need to get all of their stuff labeled for the upcoming school year... If you buy Ziploc bags that are specially marked you can get a deal that is worth $5 off and 20 free fun stickers.
Here are the details:
or from the Ziploc site where it appears that you need to order the Ultimate Back to School Combo in order to get the $5 off :

For those who haven't used labels in the past, they are a MUST for daycare! There are a few different companies (Mabel's Labels and Oliver's Labels are the big ones) As with everything my shopping advice stays the same:
1) Always do a search (quick google search) for different coupon codes.
2)Always compare prices.

AND FINALLY...NEVER pay full price and ALWAYS shop Canadian when it comes to Labels!


  1. Hi there! Samantha here from Mabel's Labels. Thanks for sharing this partnership with your readers - we're very excited about it!

  2. my advice on labels is to buy more than you think you need. I have used Mabel's and they are great. Labels stay on in the dishwasher and that's all that matters to me.

  3. Thanks for this Roe, I was actually tagging some clothes last night and noticed that I needed to order more tag mates. Now I guess I have to buy some ziploc bags too!
    And BTW, Mabel's Labels are the best! I would've lost so many things had it not been for those fantastic labels!

  4. Glad I am not the only one who likes talking about labels. My life has changed so much since becoming a Mom...