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July 19, 2010

Hooded Towel

Recently when I was hanging with my friend Belle, she brought out a good size hooded towel. I was impressed. I had little hooded towels but my son has grown out of them and I was looking for something bigger. Hooded towels are awesome and I was getting frustrated that I couldn't find larger ones.

So I found out that sewing a hooded towel is actually quite simple. LOTS OF INTERNET SITES TO SHOW YOU HOW. If you don't have the time or desire, this is a great project for Grandmas.

I recommend that you always use a hand towel instead of a washcloth to make a nice deep hood.



For those too scared to sew or you just don't feel like sewing (and there is nothing wrong with that)
Pottery Barn Kids offers some great ones. Different designs that are cute and they are warm and fluffy. Nice deep hoods. They are currently at Canadian Pottery Barns for under $30. They are a good size and so if your child is young, they will fit for awhile.


  1. Roe, the towel you liked so much is actually from Pattery Barn Kids and it is a great towel. Also worth noting, I found poncho style hooded towels at Walmart this week for about $7 each. They are great for my little now as he is walking so I can just slip it on and not worry about it falling off. I thinkt they were in the pool/beach accessory section.

  2. NICE! Thanks! Walmart it is! :)