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July 21, 2010


On a podcast I was listening to this morning on my way to work, they interviewed a couple who have started a website and wrote a book on Equally Shared Parenting. Equally Shared Parenting is when there is a division of labour and both parents contribute equally. Apparently it makes everyone happy in the family. I am not sure how some of the husbands will feel about this...but the guy who wrote the book along with his wife said that often she wasn't letting him do some of the work and now he feels more fulfilled and involved because he is sharing in the household responsibilities. I am going to read the book and investigate further.

Here's the website:


  1. Very interesting! Looking forward to reading your review!

  2. my husband is actually quite involved in the household responsibilities, so i'm very lucky- but what i find is most often put on the mom is the coordinating/balancing of all of the appointments/schedules/activities, etc- like signing up for school, finding daycare, dr's appts, extra-curricular etc, etc. this i find can be emotionally/mentally exhausting, and almost always falls on the mom.

  3. I will keep you all posted when I read the book! I am very interested to see what their tips are and I will let both of you know!