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July 1, 2010


So today I went to my friend Belle's house for a Canada Day BBQ. We both have little ones so it's a challenge to get together and coordinate times and to sit down and have a dinner is impossible!

But Belle is a smart one--she hosted the most BBQ for us to enjoy while chasing around after our busy little boys. So I thought I would share what she did so that you can have relaxed summer BBQs with friends.

#1--TIMING--After afternoon naps and before bedtime. So you know it's only going to be a couple of hours--3 hours tops. Your children are well rested. Bring PJ's for the drive home, just in case.

#2--KEEP IT SMALL--don't invite too many people for a dinner when kids are involved, it keeps things simple. And make sure that the people that are invited either LOVE children or are parents. :)

#3--If possible, have it outside--Kids love being outside and they get fresh air. Bring some toys outside, put them in a safe and supervise-able area--and let the kids play.

#4--A meal you can pick at-- Belle chose BBQ skewers, chicken, shrimp and pork with dipping sauces, quesadillas, guacamole, corn chips, bruschetta and drinks.
This worked well because we could chase after our kids while munching on the food. (And the kids could nibble on things off our plates too!!)

#5--No awkward Good-byes--when kids are involved, if one is getting tired--you all say a quick goodbye and that's it! No stalling. Everyone understands!!! Keep it short and sweet when kids are involved and discuss ahead of time that it's going to be a quick visit: after naptime and before bedtime.

Happy Summer! Just because we are parents doesn't mean we can't enjoy a nice summer BBQ!

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  1. It was wonderful having you over, we had a great time! It was nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors, my friends and food without all the stress! And honestly, getting everything ready wasnt as hard or stressful as I thought it would be! I'm ready to do it all over tomorrow!
    Thanks again and I promise to post a review on the green diapers u brought!