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July 14, 2010

Back to Work Strategy #7--Keep the Moms Group Alive!

So you made friends while you were off on mat leave. If you were like me, you made some great friends--people who supported you when things were tough and were overjoyed for you and your baby as you reached each milestone. So when I went back to work I went through withdrawal. I missed MY friends and my friends' BABIES. I missed the scheduled playdates and having people to talk to about my little one. I missed the support that they gave me just by nodding and listening to me talk about my family's never-ending sleep issues. (Now that I am back at work I can't complain about the lack of sleep to anyone, I just drink caffeine so I don't fall asleep at my computer!).

But here's the thing--yes, it's going to be different. You won't have the playdates, you won't see each other as often but it's really nice to get together with or without the kids to catch up. And even though everyone has other things going on in their lives--they understand things better than anyone else because they are going through similar struggles and having some of the same joys as you.

Our Mom's group tries to get together for a dinner out--once the kids are sleeping-- every so often. It's wonderful. It's great to get updates about the babies and it's great to touch base and see each other. We have even been able to get the moms, babies and dads together once which was fantastic. We do keep up on email a bit but even though we are good on email, we are great when we get together.

So don't give up on those Mom Friends. Things might be different (and you might be exhausted and just want to stay in) but they are still a great support for moms who are struggling with decisions (daycare, nanny, stay at home), struggling with work life balance and for moms who just want to brag about their baby--because if your Mommy Friends are anything like mine--they really do care.

Reconnect with your work people but back to work is easier if you also stay connected with your Mommy Friends.


  1. Totally agree that a night out with the MOMS is a MUST! Only wish it would happen more often!

  2. oops sorry for the two comments. Something was not working right and I got an error message the first time!

  3. Too many sangrias??? :) Just kidding. We were all so tired that our night out, although wonderful, involved a drink each.