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June 12, 2010

Old School Fisher Price

Friday, Saturday and Sunday there are a bunch of items at Toys R Us for 50% off. And some of them are really great! The 50th anniversary edition of the Fisher Price Little People is on sale and just seeing it brings back memories from my childhood. These are so much cooler than the new Fisher Price Little People Sets. (Although there are also some new ones that are also cool).
Anyways, check this week's flyer for toys r us but I have listed some highlights separately for you. Remember though that Sunday the 13th is the last day!!! Many of these are listed as out of stock on the website but are still available in some stores, so call ahead so as not to be disappointed.

The School House:

The Fire Station:

The Farm:

These are new ones, but still cool:


1 comment:

  1. Still some available at Vaughan Mills--actually A LOT available. I got one of each and then picked up some for gifts! Great deal. Thank you!