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June 27, 2010

Make a Story into a tasty treat!

Is there a special book in your child's life?

Have fun with that book by bringing it to life...or at least to the table. With cupcakes you can turn dessert into an extension of story time!

Here's what you do:

Make a batch of cupcakes (yes, a cake mix is fine)

Freeze the cupcakes.

Buy or make some icing. (Butter, vanilla and icing sugar is a simple and delicious icing recipe. Beat the butter with an electric mixer until creamy. Add icing sugar slowly and beat and continue adding until you have the amt of icing you want. Add some vanilla. Beat. Done. Add food colouring if needed).

Pull out a few whenever your creative side comes out. (Or google some pics of cupcake ideas if needed)

Ice them and decorate according to the story. The good thing with cupcakes is that you can make as few or as many as you want!

Here are some ideas:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (pictured above)

Old MacDonald (and choose a type of animal--marshmallows for lambs is a great idea!)

Safari/Zoo for any book that has animals in it and again, pick your type of animal. Eg: Does a Kangaroo have a mommy too?

Monkeys for "Hand, Hand Fingers Thumb" (and if you don't have this book... you need to read it--every kid loves it)

Butterfly cupcakes (use pretzels for wings) for the Very Hungry Caterpillar

A cupcake train for Thomas the Tank Engine books

Cupcakes decorated as apples for snow white (and watch as the kids take a bite and think it's hilarious to choke or go to sleep on the poisoned apple)

Really--there is no limit to all the creative possibilities! Have fun! And remember try to read the story right before or while you eat the tasty treat!

Let me know if you have tried other themed cupcakes... and how they turned out!


  1. You're awesome! How do you do EVERYTHING!

  2. I wonder the same thing! You are supermom!

  3. great job roe!

    this website shows lots of great ideas for cakes- i've gotten lots of inspiration from here for my themed cakes....


  4. Nice. Thanks Jill!
    For everyone else: JILL ALWAYS MAKES GREAT CAKES. She has three kids and still makes awesome cakes!

  5. thanks roe. it's something i really enjoy. :)