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June 22, 2010

Back to Work Strategy #2--Dump the Diaper Bag

Unless you have a diaper bag that is super nice (like the skip hop studio tote or the skip hop city chic and if your diaper bag is in a plain or not-over-the-top pattern) then you need to carry a different bag to work. I know you have been loving and living with the diaper bag for a whole year but it most likely is not appropriate for work. And I don't care if you are a daycare provider, kindergarten teacher or whatever... you need a work bag that is separate from the diaper bag. Even if you do have a super chic diaper bag that can pass as your work bag it might be best to use a different bag for the time-being. It might also do your shoulders some good to wear a different bag for a bit.
My feeling is that your Diaper Bag can be in the car or at the daycare. It should still be used on weekends or evenings/mornings--but for your 9-5 you should have something that is for "professional you".

My husband bought me a back to work leather bag and it made me feel like a professional working gal when I left home this morning.

Diaper bags are great for storage but guess what? they are diaper bags and therefore will probably have mum-mums in the pockets, wipes stashed somewhere and who knows what else. Keep that stuff separate from your work life for the first little bit. It will keep you cleaner and more organized and it will help you appear more work-ready (even if you are crying on the inside). umm... maybe those wipes would come in handy to wipe away the mascara after the tears!


  1. The great thing about diaper bags though is that it can hold your water bottle in the side pockets!

  2. Ok--you know what? If you need your diaper bag for your work bag that is fine. It does have handy pockets. Here's my thing: no using the diaper bag as a diaper bag and as a work bag. It's one or the other. So if there is even a remote chance that there is a diaper in that bag when you bring it to work--dump it!