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May 3, 2010


Today's playdate was a mixed bag of emotions as first birthdays are around the corner (and birthday party plans are on the go)and moms began talking about going back to work (or not). I know that I will be going back to work but I do admire women who decide to stay at home or work more flexible hours or who decide to start up a business. Two of the women in our playgroup were talking today about how great it would be to start a business and a woman who I talked with two weeks ago talked about a dream business she would like to do.
Today when I got home from the playdate there was an article in the COSTCO CONNECTION magazine about mompreneurs--it's always interesting how things like that happen, isn't it? So clearly it's a sign that I need to share some info with you.

From the costco article and from my own internet research, here are some sites for all of you moms out there who are flirting with the idea of starting something:

This website is a great place for little things anyway but the link above is for articles about women who became mompreneurs, so if you need some inspiration--read these!

These are more info-based and more for you to get connected:



Finally read it from a mom:

Another great way to start up your business? Talk to other moms to see what they think of your idea and talk to other moms who are working from home or running their own business!


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