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May 5, 2010

Class Review--Bellies & Strollers Bootcamp

The weather is so nice so I decided to try out a Belly Bootcamp free trial class. I may have trouble typing this entry as I have now completed the class and I truly believe that I am sore everywhere.

I didn't know what to expect from the class--I mean how hard can a workout be when you have your baby with you? Well--the workout was challenging, the trainer is a mom as well so understands everything and it was really refreshing to get outside since so many mom and baby programs are indoors and have that "circle time" format.

I was worried that my son would get bored in the stroller but in fact he enjoyed the fast pace runs uphill (I tend to not do that on my own)and was actually laughing at me during the strength training portion of the class.

The workout was tough but the trainer pushed me to just the right level. She didn't force but she encouraged. She also respected our individual needs, making sure that each participant was getting a good workout and was working hard.

Some things we did:
-Lunges with the stroller down a hill
-leg extensions with the stroller
-running up a hill/down a hill
-tricep extensions on a park bench
-calf raises as we walked up a hill... ouch
-using equipment (that she brought) worked our arms
-ab work

The trainers who teach this program are moms so they get it. The trainer also gave us hints on how to cut some calories without suffering and reminded us to have protein after our workouts. She gave us hints on what to eat for breakfast and even gave us tips on how to enjoy BBQ season without over-indulging. She was sensitive to nursing moms and the need for calories and even addressed the challenge of weaning for moms and the calories required.

Overall, it was great. Toronto's ravine parks provide the perfect setting for these bootcamps since there are hills (yes, we ran up and down them) and trails and lots of green space. At the end as I struggled to make it back to the car the trainer told me that there is a park at the bottom of the hill if I wanted to go and play with my son... ummm... no.

If your schedule doesn't match perfectly with theirs--they will work with you if you ask before you sign up. So if you can't attend all 10 sessions, they will pro-rate or work something out for you.

They have a lot of different types of classes for Moms but I have only tried the Bellies and Strollers Bootcamp so far--so I can't say whether the others are good. But I have been impressed with them administratively and they seem to be very professional.


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