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April 11, 2010

Snaps or Velcro

Today one of my friends was standing beside me as I changed my son's diaper. Today he was wearing a FLIP diaper. She asked me what was better: snaps or velcro. Ahh.. the age old debate. As if choosing a cloth diaper isn't hard enough without having to choose between snaps and velcro.

It's a personal choice--some people swear by snaps and others won't put it on their little one unless it is velcro.

I have both as I have strange cloth diapering issues and I basically needed to have both. (more on me and my cloth diaper issues another day)

Here is my list of pros and cons on the velcro and snaps debate.

-don't wear out
-can be hard to fasten tightly (especially between sizes or when they are little or when they are squirming)
-harder for the little ones to pull off--but most will eventually will be able to figure it out.
-if one does break off--a little sewing project will fix it (this is daunting to many of us and now with less expensive snap diapers available on the market many people would probably just buy a new cover...)

-easy to use
-easy to get a good fit
-when washing--beware--you want to make sure you have them fastened so that the velcro doesn't attach to everything in your wash
-will wear out eventually--although hanging to dry does keep them in good shape longer
-if you ever do need to replace it with another strip of velcro or you want to switch to snaps--a little sewing project will fix it. (replacing velcro with velcro is super easy)
-when your baby is older they may enjoy pulling on it and taking the diaper off (G-Diaper has the velcro in the back for that reason...

My advice is to go for the diaper you like best--and that fits your child well--don't worry about snaps or velcro, you will get used to either and some brands over both snaps and velcro and so you could mix up your collection and have both.

With the introduction of many new hybrid diapers the covers are often less expensive and simply replacing the covers is now a viable option.

However, if you have a velcro diaper collection that needs a makeover and are looking to replace some of them with snaps, you can follow this tutorial:

D.I.Y: Bumgenius/G-DIAPER
(Kamsnaps has all the tools that you need to convert or fix your diapers, however shipping/duty to Canada is an extra charge)



Gro-Baby offers a snap conversion program:
Gro Baby Snap Conversion

Of course, you can convert your cloth diapers to velcro or to snaps simply by removing the existing fastener and putting in the new one--just make sure to start with one before you do them all! If you search online you will find companies who are willing to convert your diapers for you as well so if the idea scares you--it may be worth it.

If however you are a velcro-lover and your velcro wears out--you can easily replace the velcro simply by sewing on some new velcro that you can find at your local fabric/craft store. This too is an easy project. (The one exception is the sticky strip on the gro-baby but I have yet to hear of anyone having an adhesive problem with the gro-baby)

Try out different cloth diaper types and go with the one(s) that you love: snaps or velcro--both can be great!

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