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April 16, 2010

FRIDAY FAVES: That one thing every mom needs

I was preparing for a friend's baby shower and realized that baby showers are totally different now that I am a mom. Being a mom and shopping for a gift is completely different because YOU KNOW some of the things that are totally useful (and useless).

A friend of mine recently received a cashmere cardigan for her daughter from a generous aunt who is not a mom. (So beautiful and generous but so not practical). Hopefully this aunt will also give cashmere gifts to the mom! :) But yes, the little girl looked pretty special in her cashmere cardigan.

I actually received some great (and useful gifts) that I hadn't registered for from some smart friends:
-Registration for a free Mom and Baby class at a local centre (SO SMART)

I have given three slings (baby carriers) to new moms and I think that that is an extremely useful gift (as long as you know the size and not the brands that have been recalled). In fact my friend Bernie and I were talking about the sling yesterday and how you can just put it in your purse and pull it out when you need it. She actually went out and bought herself a second one to have on hand.

So today--what is your FAVE thing to give as a shower gift now that you are a mom?

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I have not given it yet, but I would probably buy the miracle blanket for a new mom. Possibly, the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD too as that saved us in the first few months.

  2. Love that idea! Yes, the Miracle Blanket is wonderful--I received it as a gift and have now loaned it out ... very valuable.

  3. Similarly to the above post, I gave a sleep sack (grobag) to a friend. I gave the 6-18 month one.

  4. This is funny. I have become a shower snob. I look at the person's registry and only buy them something I used. If there isn't anything on the registry that I like then I buy them white onesies (longsleeves and shortsleeves) in various sizes. It's boring but later on I am a hero.
    I like your blog, the deals are good.

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