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March 7, 2010

What is not a toy???

So on my current trip, I decided to not pack the complete toybox--although I was tempted.
I packed a couple of small things but then thought to myself that since I will be out and about every day he really doesn't need much. I was wrong--I need something to entertain the little guy in the morning before going out and in the evening before bed.

Here are some things I am using to entertain him but your tips and ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Bath time: little plastic cups that are in hotel bathrooms. Has provided much fun at bath time.

Rolling toy: a pop bottle that is empty. Roll it around on the ground--loads of fun.

Tunnels: couch cushions and pillows and blankets (also excellent for peek-a-boo)

Stacking toys: also known as plastic cups

Musical instruments:: the pop bottle, a bowl and a spoon

Can't wait to hear your ideas because I have a feeling that the empty pop bottle won't keep us entertained forever!


  1. Have you tried putting things inside the pop bottle that he can shake and look at?

  2. excellent--thanks! I put pennies in the pop bottle--what fun! But I don't believe those pennies will be coming out.

  3. Try using pamphlets from your tours as both "reading material" and pictures that he can play with. I actually created a memory game once with pictures from 2 identical pamphlets (but your little one is a little young for that) but you can create your own "story" with pamphlets you pick up along the way.