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March 18, 2010

I think that all moms should have a wet bag.

There I said it. I really believe that all moms should have a wet bag. Many people believe that wet bags are only for cloth diaper users. But I am here to tell you that that isn't so!

Yes, Wet Bags are amazing for people who use cloth diapers on the go or in daycare situations. I would even call them a necessity for people who use cloth diapers because if you are using a plastic bag for your cloth diapers--how enviro friendly are you really?

With Toronto's new law on plastic bags, and with plastic bags being at a premium (which I think is great) all moms can benefit from having a wet bag. When you go to the pool or you have soiled clothes just slip the wet or dirty garments in the bag and put it in your diaper bag without worrying that it will touch anything else.

Other uses?
Place used dishes/containers/bottles in it so that they don't spill onto your stuff.
Place dirty disposable diapers/wipes in it if there isn't a garbage around.
Put wet/dirty bibs in it.
Basically it keeps dirty/wet things separate from other stuff.

There are a lot of types of wet bags out there and the prices vary from $6-$20.

You can get them with a zipper or a drawstring.

Patterned or not.

The possibilities are endless!

But I am telling you that once you have one, you will use it. Just carry it in your diaper bag or car and you will be ready for anything.

Here are some wetbags:

Kushies--very affordable and comes with a little wet bag for a soother.

Kangasac--it has a zipper

Natural Baby wet bag and tote (Meghan's fave because she can coordinate it with her gro-baby diapers)

But really--doesn't matter which bag you choose--all I can say is that a wet bag is very useful to have and stronger and more eco-friendly than a plastic bag.

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