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March 5, 2010


When you want the convenience of store-bought baby food--what brands do you or did you buy?

For baby cereal I have bought Heinz because I had coupons but I enjoyed the convenience of re-sealable bags. I have also tried PC organics baby cereal and my little guy seemed to enjoy it.

For baby food--I have tried PC organics and Heinz.

What are your faves and why?


  1. My daughter seems to really like the shoppers drugmart brand and it is organic. They often go on sale too!
    For cereals her favourite seems to be the Nestle mixed cereal.
    She also like Graduate Sweet potato puffs and Nutrios.

  2. Wow - you can tell all our little ones are off to nap time by the time of our comments.

    We like the PC organic brands. We've also used the "My organic baby" cereal. They both seem pretty similar.

  3. When I used store bought baby food I really liked the frozen organic varieties like Healthy Sprouts. I noticed a big difference in taste and I liked the portion cups that they come in. The apple/peach is so tasty!

    I usually used the Heinz or PC Organics cereal.

  4. Thanks for all your comments--I am buying some baby food today as I am traveling around. Found some great organic brands in the states that were very affordable!