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February 14, 2010

This was sent to me by "Jacob's mommy"--thanks so much!

Baby Class Review

Class Name: I’m a Mommy

Location of Class: Orange Dot http://www.orangedotinc.com/

Guest Blogger: Jacob’s Mommy

Here is my review:

I joined this class because I live in the area and it was really nice to meet other moms like me. Since then, 3 of us get together for walks and playdates so it is really nice.
We were told of the course outline and the centre tailored the course to our needs which was truly exceptional. We discussed sleep, feeding, baby exercise and massage among other things (mommy-brain clearly still happening here!)
This class sounds similar to the ones that are offered at Becoming that your site reviewed and I chose the Orange Dot due to the proximity to my home. I wish that there were more centres like Becoming and Orange Dot because it really helps new mommies connect with one another.
I would definitely recommend this class.
It may seem pricey, but overall it was worth it. Every night I would come home and tell my husband what we learned in class and showed him the developmental activity that we did together. These activities helped me connect with Jacob.

Great site and you should try to get more reviews not only about classes but also about products. I hope this review is ok!

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  1. Thanks for the great review!
    Eventually I would love to have lots of class reviews and product reviews (I know my friend Dayle is dying to review some gear with me!) I am working on it--keep checking the blog as it grows!