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February 23, 2010

Storing Shoes

So you went out and bought cute Pedi-Peds or Robeez shoes and they hardly look worn after months of use because your baby wasn't walking yet. If you want to keep them for your next baby or to hand-down to a friend or family member, don't just shove them in a box of clothes.

As I have mentioned before, I received clothes and shoes from my friend Bernie--so she taught me this trick.

Bernie stuffed the shoes with paper or cotton and then placed them in the original Robeez container before storing them. Exactly two years later, I opened them and the shoes are as good as new. The leather doesn't crease and the shoe keeps it's shape.

You can place more than one pair of shoes in the containers--just be sure to stuff them to keep the shape. The container is just to keep them together and to protect them from the weight of the clothes in the box or from getting caught in a corner of a box.

Soft-soled shoes are great for the little ones and can cost a small fortune so you might as well keep them in good shape for your next baby or to that special person you are going to pass them along to!

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