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February 1, 2010


I have realized that you can't keep your little one from growing up too fast, but by filling a box with pics and mementos, you can at least capture (and keep) a moment in time.

The inspiration:
Mom-friend Meghan dresses her beautiful baby in the cutest little shoes. The shoes are pink pedi-peds and they have been around since her baby was just little. She wears them almost every day. In December, Meghan thought she lost a shoe and was very upset. Thank goodness she found it because her daughter still fits into the shoes--and let's be honest, Meghan has become attached to the shoes. Don't judge Meghan--we've all done it. I am attached to the hat that my son wore on his way home from the hospital and I am attached to his kilt and recently I have discovered that I am also attached to his Sophie. (o.k. I have issues)

For Moms like Meghan and I, here is a simple project that will help to preserve the memories and ease the separation anxiety that some of us are feeling from that special object (or objects). If there isn't one special object--I have done this craft with my son's clay handprint/footprint.

Take a picture of your child wearing that special garment, or playing with that special toy (or in the case of the clay feet/hand, a pic of his feet)

Buy an acid-free photo-storage box (available at art-supply stores, umbra, pottery barn, chapters, walmart ect..)

Once the child has outgrown the special object, place it in the photo box along with the picture.

Hang it up or place it in a keepsake box. It can sit on a shelf/mantle, it can hang on a wall, or it can be stored away for graduations and weddings.


Simple as that: a wonderful keepsake for moms, and it takes a lot less time than making a whole scrapbook! The beauty of this craft is that you can make it as simple or elaborate as you want and you can make it as large or small as you want. You can be the creative (or not-so-creative) genius behind this craft.

There are some wonderful examples in Martha Stewart Living Magazine, February 2010.
Or go to:

Practice this line: "Oh honey, I can't sell that on-line, I've already put it in a scrapbox, I guess we have to keep it."

Happy Crafting!


  1. Love it! I'll be doing this for sure, unless she wears the shoes to university - which if I have my way, she will! I'm glad little Addie and her pink runners have inspired this great idea. Thanks!

  2. You and Martha Stewart... :)