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February 10, 2010


Recently my friend's blog (http://newmomnewlife-mommyof1.blogspot.com/) mentioned a site called www.infomommy.com.

My friend mentioned that if you submit your email you will receive emails about recalls of baby products. So it is definitely a site worth signing up for so that you can stay informed. You will receive quite a few emails so again I would recommend that you send it to an account that you create for giveaways, notices, etc. (gmail, hotmail)and don`t have it all arrive in your work email inbox. :)

Another great thing about this site is that they send a weekly email that includes all the baby products on sale in Toronto. The only problem is that both my friend and I agree that the format of this site isn`t the best (but I guess it doesn`t have to be the nicest format because the information gets to you the consumer and that is all that matters.)

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