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February 26, 2010


I am interested in today's FRIDAY FAVE to know what books you like to read to your little one and what books they like. (Yes, there is a difference between books you like and the books they like!)

My little guy is 8 months and

his Fave Books are currently: Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You? and Hand, Hand Fingers Thumb and Andy Apricot

every night we read Goodnight Moon and Bonsoir Lune for the repetition/routine

My Fave Book for him: A child's Garden of Verses

Happy Friday and I look forward to read your comments!


  1. My daughter (age 4) LOVES the Richard Scarry books: Busy Town, Cars Trucks and Things That Go, and Best Word Book Ever (they're also great for my 2 year old). Keeps them busy for ages!

    My son (age 2) loves "Z is for Zamboni" and "Hockey Numbers" by Matt Napier; oh, and of course the Sidney Crosby biography! (we have a little hockey obsession on our hands here!).

    Oh, and "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch has of course always been a favourite in our house!

  2. My daughter who is almost 9 months mostly likes the cloth books right now - Bedtime for Bunny, Fuzzy Bee etc... It all about eating the book while reading it at the same time.
    Every night we read her Time for Bed by Sandra Boyton and she enjoys it as part of the routine. She also really loves books with flaps and big faces such as the Karen Katz ones (Where is Baby's Belly Button?).

  3. My son is 2 and a half and everything is Thomas. And to be honest, I am enjoying this phase, I like the stories too.
    Before that he liked Green Eggs and Ham. Not sure why but the story drove me bananas!

  4. I love reading Robert Munsch books because they are funny but you have to be selective of which of his books to read to the real youngsters because some of them are a bit long for their attention span. What I love about his books is that he can grow with us and the stories are really fantastic. Some of the stories are great from 9mths and some books are great for older ones (all the way up to 6 years old). (sue)