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February 3, 2010

Diaper DEAL

I am sooo sleep deprived right now so my friend Belle sent this to me as she knows that I am a HUGE fan of g-diapers.


$49.98 for a 6 pack--comes with the covers and the liners--not the inserts. They are regularly over $100 (although you can get the 6 pack for $70 at times). Buying from the g-diaper site has really high shipping costs to Canada--so this steal is even better than it seems.

Compare: You can get a 2 pack in Canada for $30 at peace of mind baby and it comes with some flushable inserts.

Here is the scoop on G-diapers: they are made of breathable fabric and sit snug and high on the baby`s bottom. In the past you only had one option: the flushable&disposable insert and they cost a lot. So although convenient and enviro friendly they were not the best bang for your buck. (and you know me: I need things to be a good deal) However, G-Diaper recently introduced a cloth option as well (you can use most cloth inserts on them anyway) which makes them one of the most affordable of the cloth diapers now and also one of the easiest (one with the least amt of washing and work...) If you are going to go with g-diapers, the only way they make sense is if you also get cloth inserts (unless you have the $$ to use the flushables all the time) And when you wash the covers--make sure to attach the velcro before laundering so that you don`t get them sticking together and damaging the fabric on the waistband. And yes, your baby looks very cute in the diaper.

For some reason, the cloth inserts are hard to find in Canada so if you are ordering them, order them from countrymoosekids.com as they have free shipping to Canada vrs. the G-diaper site where they charge mega $$ for shipping to Canada. However, like I said before many types of inserts do fit in the liners for the g-diapers so you don`t HAVE to go with the g-diaper inserts.


All the talk on G-diapers aside:
Babysteals and kidsteals are sites that you want to check regularly. Every day the deals are different. The shipping to Canada is reasonable and with our dollar right now doing well, it can be pretty great. Warning: depending on the size and cost of the steal, YOU SOMETIMES HAVE TO PAY DUTY. So don`t be surprised if that happens. However, anyone who has shopped online has experienced this in the past--so no surprises there. Babysteals is actually a very Canadian-friendly website.


Happy shopping and for those who want to talk cloth diapering--I am always free to discuss!

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