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February 16, 2010

Book Review--Books by Rebecca Eckler

This review was sent by Sarah--who was the first to send a book review when I made the request--thanks! Reviews are always being accepted for books, gear or classes!

I have read all three of the books by REBECCA ECKLER that are about pregnancy-motherhood. She makes me laugh. The books are chick-lit for moms and moms-to-be.

Knocked up is fun and cute. It is about a young woman who finds herself pregnant and at a total and complete loss as to what to do. A lot of moms will relate to her feeling fat when she is pregnant. This book is a relief when you are pregnant and moody.

Wiped! had me laughing out loud. It is very Toronto-centered in the way that she has a nanny and needs to decide about whether to move to a bigger space or keep her nice condo and of course the issue of having a bugaboo. She was definitely more spoiled than I was as a mother because she had help but a lot of what she was talking about was so true and made me laugh out loud. She says it like it is. It's refreshing. I read this book while nursing my daughter and it kept me entertained and you can read it in short-intervals.

Toddlers Gone Wild is my fave of her books because it is so true! She has these funny episodes with her daughter and they are hilarious for moms to read. It is again the style where you can put it down which is nice since aren't we all too busy to sit down and read a book cover to cover? It is funny and sarcastic.

You will find that as you read it that you have had these same thoughts but you know that she is a good mom who cares about her daughter. These books are what mothers need to get through it all sometimes and reflect on how our lives have changed.


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  1. Thanks for the reviews! I just put holds on them at the library. I'm always looking for low-key reading while I nurse.