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January 9, 2010

Great Service... in TORONTO!

Yeah, I know... everyone thinks it's impossible to get great service at stores in busy Toronto...but I am here to tell you that there is hope for Moms in Toronto as I have had some wonderful encounters that I want to rave about! (and no, I am not getting paid to say this... because I don't know how to get paid to say things on blogs yet...)

First of all: LINDSEY from Peace of Mind Baby.

So first of all, this store is awesome. Absolutely incredible. The prices on many items are great and the store sells good quality stuff.
Lindsey cares about what she sells and is friendly and offers great suggestions. The service is great and when you order something--it arrives quickly to your door.
I highly recommend this store.
Now--with Lindsey--we have never met--but she called me about my order and we DISCUSSED PRODUCTS and she helped me to choose exactly what I was looking for...and didn't choose something super expensive. She seems honest and works hard at keeping her clients happy. I love this store because of their products and because of her.


The staff at the store are great because they will sell you WHAT YOU NEED and not necessarily what is the most costly. AWESOME. Also, while shopping and making the BIG STROLLER DECISION--Karen recommended products and took her time to fully explain every single aspect of each stroller I was interested. I walked out of there a proud owner of the perfect stroller FOR ME--and that is what is so great. She listened to my needs and then found the product that worked best. Love that.

Organized and Wonderful: Allison

Allison is a pro at fitting people for baby carriers and slings and has excellent product knowledge. Because this is not just a store Allison is also extremely organized and helpful when it comes to the classes and services that are offered at the centre. The best part about Allison? She greets everyone with a smile and remembers you and your baby when you go to the centre. When exhausted and frustrated--there is nothing better than to be greeted with a nice hello.

Please feel free to rave about others too...in fact--tell me about them so that I have an excuse to go shopping!

1 comment:

  1. Allison is awesome!
    not only is she amazing at fitting carriers, but she is so helpful when it comes to registering for classes.
    She is a star!!!