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January 29, 2010

Blogging and Book DEALS

A mom-friend of mine recently started a blog and I love it. It is about her day to day with her (too cute for words) daughter. Her blog is also full of tips she picks up along the way that are very handy. I love the way she describes her day-to-day including the struggles and fun that she is having.

Her Blog is:


(Her blog is also in my website section on the side of my blog for those who want to peruse).

Recently she posted an awesome online store that I didn't know about...(SHOCK) It is
https://www.bookcloseouts.com and it has some really great prices on kids books.

Now, you know me, before using the store I did a search for coupons and deals.. and found this awesome deal for the store:

Save $10 off your purchase of $30 or more at BookCloseouts.com when you enter the coupon code BoxingSale and coupon password BookCloseouts.com at check out.

This offer expires March 1, 2010. I tried it and it works.

There is a great selection on Baby Einstein products.

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